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Winter 2022 Orientation Week

January 31st, 2022 – Last week, we were thrilled to host our Winter 2022 Virtual Orientation with interns from Greece and Colombia. The interns had the opportunity to meet and converse with dozens of Libra Group executives and employees as well as with other representatives from Libra’s businesses. Additionally, interns met one-on-one to better get to know each other and learn from their peers. Even though this cohort was not able to meet in person, the interns made the most of their first experience within the Libra family.

The week started with a welcome by the Libra Group Internship Team and a discussion around goal setting for the months to come. Later on, the group heard from Envolve Greece and Libra Group People Operations. Speakers shared background on both their professional and personal life experiences and offered some advice for the interns about their future careers. These warm and welcoming initial conversations made the interns feel comfortable and encouraged them to engage even more.

As the week continued, interns were delighted to hear from other executives who happily dedicated their time in order to get acquainted and answer any questions. These included the entire Libra Social Responsibility team, EuroEnergy, Concordia, Libra Group Board Members, and many others who shared their guidance for a successful internship experience as well as news on a few upcoming projects.

After kicking off our orientation week, the interns located in Greece managed to get together and meet in person for some teambuilding and discuss their in-person and virtual work. Other interns called in via video in order to join in.

‘“It’s amazing how we already feel like a team of friends working together, we text each other every day to share our news, work related or not. We are eager to plan a trip to New York to meet everyone in person once we get the chance. Most of all, everyone is very excited for the months to come and for the people we are going to meet during this opportunity. We can’t wait to share our experience with the next cohort of interns. We are already excited for them.’’ Alexia Panagiotopoulou, Social Responsibility Intern

Learn more about the Libra Internship Program here.

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