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The Winter 2021 Libra Internship Program Goes Fully Remote

February 2021 – On February 1st, the Winter 2021 cohort joined the Libra family……’virtually’. The remote setting gave the interns an opportunity to connect with employees across the Libra Group that they would potentially not have been able to meet in person due to location restrictions. Despite the virtual setting, the interns had an opportunity to meet each other and the Libra Internship Program (LIP) team, participate in team building activities such as trivia games and also learn more about their fellow cohort members through one-on-one coffee chats.

Throughout the orientation week the interns also interacted with twenty four speakers and they had the opportunity to raise questions, seek career advice, learn more about the specifics of the business areas Libra specializes in – as well as hear the personal stories of the company’s employees. Truly touched by the group’s efforts for social responsibility, the interns remarked that each speaker was a physical embodiment of the Libra Group values, which attracted many of them to apply to the internship program. After meeting all the speakers, the cohort recognized some shared personality traits across the members of the Libra family including responsibility, thoughtfulness and open-mindedness.

Moreover, one of  the highlights of the week was the opportunity for interns to have a Q&A session with the CEO and Chairman, George Logothetis, as well as his wife and Founder of the Seleni Institute, Nitzia Logothetis. During those sessions, the interns were able to connect with the heart of the company and were given the very powerful message of recognizing how the significance of love and care for what you do combined with the thoughtfulness of one’s impact can bring success. Or as George Logothetis explained: “What is success? Success is the legacy you leave after giving more than you take.”

The interns began their placements during the week of February 8th and will be working remotely from Colombia, Greece, the UK. The LIP team remains in constant communication with the cohort through a Slack workspace and professional development programming. The interns are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Libra Group even in these uncertain circumstances and are proud to be the first fully remote cohort class.

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