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Why Mentoring Matters

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

One of the most valuable components of Libra’s Internship Program (LIP) is access to a group of dedicated employees who facilitate interns’ professional development, supervise daily task management and serve as a point of contact throughout their experience. Each intern is assigned both a mentor and a buddy for the entirety of the program. During the past few months, 40 of Libra’s senior executives and junior-mid level employees have served as mentors and buddies to our summer intern cohort. Embodying Libra’s core values, these employees take to heart LIP’s goal of providing opportunities for students to learn about our businesses and develop skills that will help define their future. As this summer session comes to a close, we would like to express our gratitude to our colleagues who participated in mentoring.

My mentor spends almost 1.5 hours in our regular meetings in order to give me a view of the day’s market and how a shipping company operates. He explains cash flows, the different types of voyages and freight rates. It’s such a big pleasure when a member of the executive management team behaves like a true mentor.

–        Aspasia, shipping intern, Lomar

My mentor is extremely patient and willing to spend time with me, teaching me about different aspects of HR and allowing me to attend meetings with him to learn more. He is a great mentor.

–        Clare, HR intern, Libra Group

My buddy has continued to be amazingly supportive and loving. It’s her everyday support that makes it such a comfortable environment.

–        Larisa, social responsibility intern, Libra Social Responsibility

At Libra, teams are devoted to elevating others. They facilitate teamwork, provide feedback, and most importantly, give encouragement. Our mentors and buddies support their interns beyond task management and professional support: they will typically provide counsel on social and cultural matters so that every intern gets the most out of living in their host country. This approach contributes to Libra’s sense of family.

In addition to mentors and buddies, Libra’s leadership always dedicates time to getting to know each intern cohort. George M. Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of Libra Group, meets with the interns throughout the program and hosts conversations not only to provide insight into the company but also to give them an opportunity to voice their opinions and ask questions on a range of topics. Many Libra employees actively reach out to support LIP even when they are not directly matched with interns. These employees regularly invite interns to join them at events such as economic forums. During this summer cohort, several have also taken the time to present workshops to the interns on topics ranging from global capital markets to design thinking.

It is important to remember that mentoring is a two-way street. As the mentor-mentee relationship grows, employees can often turn to younger colleagues and ask for advice on technology, social media and more. Mentoring matters because both sides can learn so much from one another. Mentors help an intern to grow, and simultaneously interns help to make organizations stronger and more innovative.

On behalf of LIP, thank you to all our Summer 2018 Internship Mentors & Buddies!

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