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Summer 2022 Orientation Week

June 13, 2022 – Being in the midst of so much cultural diversity can really change one’s perspective. This is exactly what I felt during the summer 2022 Libra Internship Program (LIP) orientation, where 20 interns from all over the world congregated in New York City for a full week of team-building activities and sessions with Libra executives.

The aim of orientation week was clear from the beginning: to create everlasting connections amongst the interns and introduce us to Libra Group and its companies. During orientation we stayed at a hotel near the office and were strategically paired with another intern as our roommate. What was really great about this is that we were able to get to know each other intimately. For this cohort, LIP placed interns in Greece, Latin America and all over the United States, so it’s very special that we all get to be together during this orientation week!

Another core aspect of orientation week was to introduce us to people in leadership positions from across Libra, its companies, and its nonprofit organizations. Through these conversations, I learned that there is no company quite like Libra in terms of its organization and ambitions. The organization is lean, has diverse business interests and is making tremendous Environmental, Social and Governance efforts. I was touched by the values of the company which were consistent and abundantly clear: humility, understanding, and innovation.

Typically, after the daily programming ended, we interns would go explore NYC! The NYC transplants (like me) learned their new work routes with comfort and safety, and the international interns did some sightseeing, mostly led and graciously advised by the local New York interns. With their help, they directed us to the less touristy sights, like coffee shops mostly known to locals! We quickly developed relationships through which it is  apparent we have real care for each other and curiosity about each other’s lives.

As we did our closing notes, we all reflected on what the past several days have meant to us. We shared moments that we loved, the importance of the internship program  for us, and aspects of our internship that we are looking forward to. It was a sincere, tender moment and it made me realize that this internship is going to be a lot more than a space to grow professionally; it is also a place where I will be able to grow as an individual. I know my fellow interns would agree with me.

“All of the presentations were very informative and the speakers were very open to having conversations and answer questions. They made me feel included and welcomed in the Libra family,” – Seleni Intern

“The sessions gave me a better insight on how Libra works and how specific positions are necessary to running the operation. More than that, they showed me Libra’s values of kindness and the prioritization of maintaining a work-life balance.” – LSR intern

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