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Seleni September Newsletter

September 4, 2020 – As the summer season comes to an end, we recognize that the transition into fall will be immensely different this year than in the past. We are here to support all parents and their families as they return to school, understanding this looks different for everyone nationally and globally. With this, we focus on the notion that change helps us become adaptable and resilient, especially in uncertain times.

In honor of Labor Day in the US, we are extending an offer of 10% off of all our trainings, including our two new professional trainings, to our loyal network.

In this month’s Seleni Spotlight, we hear from Vu-An Foster who was a recipient of a Seleni Scholarship, which identified professionals working with under-served communities and provided them with our Maternal Mental Health Intensive training. Vu-An shares how our trainings have helped her professionally and how they resonate on a personal level.

Our aim is to provide as many resources as we can to individuals, families and professionals so that together as a community we can address and highlight the fundamental importance of mental health.

Learn the latest news in women’s mental health and get expert advice in our September newsletter here.

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