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The HOME Project

Founded by the Libra Group, The HOME Project (THP) is a non-profit organization set up to address the needs of refugee children, who arrive in Greece alone, in response to the global refugee crisis, the largest the world has seen since the Second World War. Greece alone has received over one million people in search of shelter and safety from the beginning of 2015; 8,000 lives have been lost trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Over half of the refugee population are children and many of them are travelling alone.

In Greece more than 19,900 unaccompanied children have been officially registered since 2016. 2,000 are currently without a home living in appalling conditions in the streets, in police stations, detention centers or camps, with no access to basic care and exposed to violence and abuse.

The HOME Project provides a holistic network of child protection services including mental health, education, pedagogical support and social services with the aim of social inclusion.


  • 06/21/2019

    6:30 pm-

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    The HOME Project


  • Location Plateia Dexamenis Athens

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