Libra Group Social Responsibility

Libra Mentorship Program

The Libra Mentorship Program is a support structure for selected young people – principally first-generation college students, and individuals who face socio-economic challenges (significantly, opportunity and achievement gaps).

Mentees come from a variety of partner organizations – typically academic institutions, community support charities and associations. Mentors are drawn from the Libra Group which matches key professionals with each mentee and monitors progress closely. The mentors themselves serve as role models in exploring career pathways and helping mentees to develop the necessary skills and aptitudes for following their chosen career paths and life goals. Topics and themes covered by the mentorship include how to set objectives, public speaking, internship opportunities and self-development for professional progress.

The program was originally launched in New York, NY, and Miami, FL, in the United States. In time, and with dedicated resource, it will go on to encompass numerous other partner organizations in more of Libra’s locations around the world.


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