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Libra Fellowships

Libra Group Fellowships seek to support the leaders of tomorrow by funding selected students in further and higher education.

In the USA we support the McCain Institute by offering professional experience to participants in the institute’s Next Generation Leaders Program. This leading center for
research and action in national security and foreign policy was founded by Senator John McCain and is focused on maximizing the ability of leaders to make enlightened decisions in pursuit of American and global interests.

Recognizing the importance of high level business skills development in improving Greece’s commercial competitiveness we have made a commitment to fund 25 students per annum on the MBA program at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Through a commitment with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we support 30 Israeli students with fellowship funding. We are proud to be supporting students at a center of excellence with a strong track record for developing business leaders.

We also support a research fellowship program at Johns Hopkins-Libra Initiative, one of the world’s leading medical universities. We are funding carefully chosen Greek physicians or biomedical investigators to undertake research fellowships before returning to medical practice or academia in Greece.

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