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One Month to go for the 2017 Seleni Spartan Race

New York, April 17 2017. Team Seleni Spartans started in Central Park the one month countdown for the 2017 Seleni Spartan Race with the help of trainer Orion Mims. The Team will put their physical and mental strengths to the test at the Spartan Sprint at CitiField on Saturday May 13th, 2017 (3-5 miles, 20-23 obstacles) to spread awareness and raise money to support mental health for women, men, and families.

The annual Seleni Challenge is the perfect opportunity to put the Seleni Institute’s mission of supporting women and families directly into action. By participating as a team in 2017’s Spartan Sprint at CitiField, the runners’ physical and mental strengths are put to the test. Not only do the runners help each other through the various obstacles, but they also build friendships and create bonds while training for the event and raising brand awareness and funding for the shared goal of improving mental health for women and families. Each dollar raised by Team Seleni Spartans directly supports Seleni’s financial assistance program, which provides clinical services to women and families who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

To register for the 2017 Seleni Spartan Race, please visit:

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