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Where Are They Now: Summer 2015 Human Resources Intern

London, May 22, 2019 – Building on our popular Libra Internship Program #wherearetheynow feature on Instagram, we are delighted to share an expanded version of former intern, Nikoletta Samara’s story.

“Growing up in a small agricultural northern town in Greece, my life was as far away as possible from the sunshine drenched islands and the white houses one thinks of when they hear the word ‘Greece’. It’s hard growing up in a small society, so I always visualized what my life would be when I finally left. However, not even my wildest imagination could ever I include everything my life is now.

In 2011, I left that small town to find work in Athens, but then came an unmissable opportunity… I received a scholarship to study Psychology in Hellenic American University! In my third year, after the encouragement of my professors and friends, I took a leap of faith and applied for the Libra Internship Program. I never believed that I could make it through the application or interview process. However, while finishing my third year of studies, I got a call late at night in Greece and when I finished that call, I could barely hold my excitement! I woke up a lot of people that night to tell them I was going to London for 3 months to become a Summer 2015 Libra Intern!

When I joined the Libra Internship Program, I had the chance to be involved in many different projects and help solve real life issues from day one. I could see how my input was making a difference in the company and that was the greatest achievement for me. I had incredible support, both from my manager and the Social Responsibility team. Most importantly, I was allowed to make mistakes, ask questions and learn. In those 3 months, I realized so many things for myself and who I wanted to be.

It’s been 3.5 years since summer 2015, and these days I’m the HR Manager for a big American software company. I work in their London office and take care of everything related to the UK employees, supporting 3 different sites in England, as well as a lot of project work.

I believe that none of this would have happened without my Libra internship. This internship, especially the relationship with my mentor who has always been here for me even after the internship, is the main reason why in 3.5 years I managed to believe in myself and get ahead professionally. Libra will always be in my heart and a huge part of my development and career progression.

For those of you reading this and thinking of applying, take it from me: apply and see what happens! I wasn’t sure if I had what it takes, but in the Libra family, they know how to make you see you can do it.”

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