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No Child Alone, The HOME Project Mission

Greece, July 22, 2020 – For the past months The HOME Project has been actively raising awareness on Amadou’s story, one of the first children at their shelter. Now he is a young adult that has been accepted to study at Sciences Po University in France, which requires an asylum authorization from the Greek authorities. Granting asylum to young adults refugees that have been not only an example of social integration but of academic excellence is key to an inclusive and thriving society. This week, we are pleased to hear the news that the Greek authorities decided to grant asylum to Amadou and two other talented young adults hosted in The HOME Project shelters. Their story demonstrates how equal access to opportunities and tailored assistance enable children and youth not only to integrate in society but also to thrive. #nochildalone

We hope their story will be a step towards changing the narrative and further efforts will be made so children outside the system of protection will have equal access to opportunities, and a chance to succeed.

To learn more about The HOME Project and Amadou’s story, visit The HOME Project Instagram and The HOME Project Website.

Image Credit: Unsplash, Alan Lin

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