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Libra Mentorship Program launches collaboration in Miami between Elandis & Overtown Youth Center

Miami, February 21, 2018 – Founded on family values, Libra Group has always maintained a strong sense of community and a passion for youth empowerment. These principles led to the establishment of the Libra Mentorship Program (LMP). Studies have shown that mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships, and fosters consistent and positive communication, among many other benefits (The Role of Risk, 2013). Given the potential for impact through mentorship, LMP aims to build lasting, meaningful relationships between mentors and mentees, creating an environment of mutual learning and growth, which fosters confidence in mentees and empowers them to create goals that support a successful future.

In October, LMP launched a year-long collaboration in Miami, FL, USA between Elandis, a Libra Group company focused on real estate investment, development and management globally; and the Overtown Youth Center, a youth development agency providing educational and enrichment programming which promotes the academic, social, emotional and physical development of children.  The debut session hosted at the Elandis office included mentor-mentee introductions and a welcome presentation informing the students about the business of Elandis and the professional roles of their mentors. Currently, participants include five mentors from Elandis and eight high school mentees from the Overtown Youth Center.

As the architect and facilitator of the program, LMP has worked with the mentors and Overtown Youth Center to design a monthly plan with guiding questions and suggested projects for the students. Because the mentees are in their freshman year of high school, the program is geared toward college and career preparedness. Session topics include leadership, goal setting, and management skills. For example, a recent session allowed the mentees to practice their public speaking by providing their mentors with a tour of Overtown Youth Center, explaining various facets of their facilities and programming efforts.

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” Clinique Smith, Program Manager, Overtown Youth Center

“This mentor program has provided me with some great advice during every session.  My mentor listens to my thoughts, feelings and problems. Being able to communicate to my mentor is great, because my voice and my perspective is heard and understood. This program encourages me to remain focused on myself and my goals.” Tayvohn T., Mentee, Overtown Youth Center

Focused on impact, LMP hopes to provide Overtown mentees with the ability to succeed in their future endeavors, be it education or vocational. Impact of the program will be measured by way of evaluations and consistent communication between LMP, the mentors and Overtown Youth Center.

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