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Libra Mentorship Program Hosts Career Development Training with Breakthrough New York

New York, June 25, 2019 – This month the Libra Mentorship Program teamed up with Breakthrough New York (BTNY) to conduct an internship workshop, led by Siobhan Owens, Libra Group Social Responsibility Program Director,  and Marilena Chrysanthakopoulou, a Winter 2019 intern, and Minji Kim, BTNY College & Career Success Coordinator with eight students. By offering a 10 year program model starting in middle school to and through college graduation and into careers, BTNY takes bright students from low-income backgrounds and administers academic and transitional assistance for students seeking a college education and an advanced professional career. Libra Group is proud to be a part of the process of closing the opportunity gap across New York City alongside BTNY.

During the workshop, the students were introduced to Libra Group’s main business areas. The Libra Internship Program (LIP), another of Libra’s social responsibility programs, was outlined in the presentation. Libra’s educational programming provides exposure to corporate terminology and norms that increases access for students from all backgrounds. Office etiquette was also addressed during the workshop. This overview included goal setting, dress code, relationship building with supervisors, office culture and elevator pitches. The students were given tips for success within topics such as note-taking, asking thoughtful questions, showing respect, asking for feedback and doing research. A differentiation between educational and office culture was made as well to highlight the transition from academic life into professional life.

“I think the most important [benefit from the Libra Mentorship Program] is that the students get a glimpse of the [business] world and speak with professionals that handle recruiting processes who are able to share valuable insights. [For Libra], it was a great opportunity for the students to learn more about the Group and its [social responsibility] practice, therefore raising awareness.” – Marilena, Winter 2019 Intern

Advice from the Libra Mentorship Program to the students included staying in touch with the team, reflecting, applying lessons learned and adding the experience to their resume. Afterwards, the team workshopped different collaboration and conflict management styles. Libra’s commitment to equalizing the corporate workforce will continue on July 25th with a Career Day. The day will offer these students a glimpse of what a corporate office is like and hopefully demonstrate the different careers possible to them in their future.

The Libra Mentorship Program is a support structure for selected young people – principally first-generation college students, and individuals who face socio-economic challenges (significantly, opportunity and achievement gaps, and the high incidence of inequality among young people of color). To learn more, visit our website or contact the team at To learn more about Breakthrough New York, visit the website ( or contact Devaughn Fowlkes, College & Career Success Director at

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