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Libra Mentorship Program Collaborates with Non-profit Partners for Virtual Series

New York, November 20 2018 – As part of Libra Social Responsibility, the Education Programs team leads the Libra Mentorship Program (LMP), which aims to build meaningful and lasting relationships between mentors and mentees, creating an environment of learning and growth while encouraging confidence and empowerment in mentees. Over the summer and fall, LMP partnered with College Success Foundation (CSF), Harlem Children’s Zone Velocity Career Start Initiative (HCZ) and Oliver Scholars to host a series of weekly virtual mentoring workshops for over 80 high school and college students.

Aligning with the Libra core values, the entire program is built around the principles of excellence, humility, adaptability, initiative and optimism. Each principle was emphasized through the workshops that included the following topics:

  • Networking, Introducing Yourself and Public Speaking
  • Resume Writing & Interview Skills
  • Business Etiquette & Email Communication
  • Exploring Different Career Paths
  • Goal setting

These sessions were followed by a professional “challenge” to engage participants and ensure ongoing learning. Sample challenges included setting goals, creating a resume and participating in a mock interview with a member of the Education Programs team.

Manny Vega, Director of Guidance and Program Development at Oliver Scholars, commented that “Libra’s Mentorship Program combines accessibility with insight, using technology to connect young minds with experienced professionals and crucial job skills that will enable them to explore various careers while elevating the skillsets required to pursue them.”

In addition to learning about various professional development focus areas, the students had the chance to hear directly from Libra executives, and more specifically, potential career options within their industry through interactive Q & A sessions. Information technology, communications, human resources, aviation, accounting and legal were all represented by Libra experts.

“Learning is sometimes a process of acquiring new knowledge, sometimes having opportunities to practice, and sometimes feeling safe enough to be fully present in a well-designed, learning experience.  Our students experience all of these in the Virtual Mentoring Series, which they expressly appreciate and openly acknowledge as valuable and satisfying” observed Conrad Pinnock, Senior Managing Director at HCZ Velocity Career Start.

Participants enjoyed hearing about executives’ individual career paths, and they were relieved to discover that some industry leaders too faced indecision early in their college career!

Legal speaker Jane Shlimovich was delighted to be able to interact with the students and share her experiences, as well as learn about their aspirations and concerns. She added, “They are a very inspirational group and I’m happy to help them achieve their goals.”

At the heart of LMP is the idea that we can all give back and impact communities in meaningful ways.

Head of Education Programs, Regina Sheridan, applauded the organizations, speakers and students alike for their commitment to the inaugural LMP virtual workshops commenting that “we couldn’t be happier with our first year of the virtual mentorship series. We look forward to engaging new students and partner organizations through the program and deepening our relationship with our current mentees.”

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