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Libra Mentorship Program: Career Day with Harlem Children’s Zone Velocity Career Start Students

New York, August 23 2018 – On Thursday, August 2nd, eight college students affiliated with the Velocity Career Start initiative of the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) visited the Libra Group office in New York City for a career day hosted by Libra’s Education Programs team as part of Libra’s Mentorship Program. The day consisted of a series of professional development workshops, meet and greets with Libra employees and an information session on Libra’s Internship Program (LIP). Designed to provide the students with practical and professional skills and exposure to various career options and industries, the agenda also included the opportunity to interact with Libra executives including George M. Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of Libra Group.

Following an introduction to the company, the Education Programs team led a tour of the New York office for the visiting students and the Velocity leadership, learning about and meeting many of the Libra subsidiaries along the way. The students also participated in professional development workshops focused on interview skills, workplace etiquette and business communication. In order for the students to learn more about different career paths, Jenna Erickson, Libra Group Human Resources Officer, and Valeria Sofia Escobar, Human Resources Intern, came to speak about their roles and the path that led to their current positions.

The highlight was the students’ time speaking with the Chairman and CEO of Libra Group, George Logothetis. Mr. Logothetis inspired the students by sharing his own personal story and by discussing how adversity can positively shape an individual’s development. This lengthy session touched on a variety of topics such as expressing compassion, time management, leadership, standing out among your peers and more.

“We all had such a fantastic time at the Libra Group office! We are appreciative of how the Education team went above and beyond to help us feel welcomed and attended to. Our students enjoyed touring your building, discussing professional development skills and the incredible opportunity that they received to converse with George about his values, passion and business insights.”

– Ayosike Akingbade, Director, Velocity Career Start / Harlem Children’s Zone

“My experience at the Libra Group was really amazing. The atmosphere was wonderful. I value their mission and everything that they do. If an opportunity were available for me, I would like to intern there because I feel that they help you to reach your potential and to me, that’s amazing!”

– Saba, Student participant, Velocity Career Start / Harlem Children’s Zone

The Libra Mentorship Program is a support structure for selected young people – principally first-generation college students, and individuals who face socio-economic challenges (significantly, opportunity and achievement gaps, and the high incidence of inequality among young people of color). Mentees come from a variety of partner organizations – typically academic institutions, community support charities and associations.

HCZ has a longstanding record of supporting young people in Harlem through the successful completion of high school and matriculation at the colleges of their choice. Velocity Career Start is a new, innovative program within HCZ, created to ensure that our high school graduates are college- and career-ready, with the critical thinking, communication, and professional skills needed for a rich and meaningful life of work, family, and citizenship.

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