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Libra Mentorship Career Day with Breakthrough New York

New York, August 5, 2019 – A few short weeks after the Libra Social Responsibility team conducted an internship workshop at the Breakthrough New York (BTNY) office, seven sophomore and junior high school students from BTNY visited the Libra Group’s New York office for a follow-up Career Day focused on mock interviews, business communication and workplace etiquette. Career Days, a Libra Mentorship Program initiative, serve to bridge the gap for bright, underserved students while allowing them an opportunity to visit a formal office setting and gain exposure to Libra’s businesses.

Siobhan Owens, Libra Group Social Responsibility Program Director, kicked off the day with introductions. The programming consisted of individual mock interviews with Libra Group employees and a business communication and etiquette workshop led by Fraynette Familia, Summer 2019 intern. The workshop addressed topics ranging from business emails, work-appropriate attire and body language. At the end, students participated in short trivia and read-aloud activities to test their understanding of the workshop material.


“Overall, the students seemed to enjoy their time at the office. They were engaged and curious, which is one of the reasons why I love working with high school students. Career Days are a breath of fresh air and jolting reminder of why the Libra Social Responsibility team does what they do.”

– Fraynette Familia, Libra Group Social Responsibility Intern


The students were able to take home some knowledge, career insights and direct interview feedback after the conclusion of the Career Day. As an extension of the Libra Mentorship programming, the Social Responsibility team offered monthly, virtual office hours to all participants. During office hours, the team provides help to students with resume/cover letters, practice interviews or general career discussions.

The Libra Mentorship Program is a support structure for select young people – principally first-generation college students, and individuals who face socio-economic challenges (significantly, opportunity and achievement gaps, and the high incidence of inequality among young people of color). To learn more, visit our website or contact the team at To learn more about Breakthrough New York, visit the website ( or contact Devaughn Fowlkes, College & Career Success Director at

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