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The Libra Internship Program Welcomes its Summer 2019 Cohort

New York, June 13, 2019 – This past week, the newest Libra Internship Program (LIP) summer cohort convened in New York for orientation with interns representing countries including Canada, Ghana, Greece, Haiti, Kenya and the United States. Interns heard from both LIP alumni and company executives from across the Libra Group and its subsidiaries. Presenting their industry knowledge and advice on how to have a successful summer internship experience, speakers included Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, George M. Logothetis; Chief Strategy Officer, Phaedra Chrousos and Chief Executive Officer of The HOME Project, Sofia Kouvelaki.

The week started with logistical overviews, expectation setting and an office-wide welcome breakfast where the interns grasped a better understanding of their responsibilities as well as informally met other members of the Libra family. Additionally, a diversity workshop was held to orient the interns on cultural differences, office etiquette and general diversity comprehension. Later in the week, intern alumni, Cristina Muniz (Summer 2016), Samuel Leon Boursiquot (Winter 2016), and Marilena Chrysanthakopoulou (Winter 2019) led a panel. One speaker highlight featured Gareth Zundel, Libra’s Chief Communications Officer, who gave an insightful presentation about effectively reaching different audiences, brands and their significance as well as some of Libra’s own history in building its identity. Interns also took part in several teambuilding activities such as a scavenger hunt around Midtown Manhattan where they were instructed to find several New York City landmarks.

After each day, the group bonded over their experiences at their shared hotel and explored New York City together with native New Yorker fellow interns guiding the way for first-timers.

“There’s a high caliber of interns here who are in the business to contribute to a meaningful vision. It was also humbling to be able to speak with such high level executives who were willing to explain what they do in a simplified and non-condescending way.” – Mei, Summer 2019 Intern

While all good things must come to an end, endings are simply new beginnings! This year’s cohort is off to grow their business and thematic knowledge around the world from Salt Lake City, Utah to Dublin, Ireland. We are confident that they will excel in any challenge that is placed before them.

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