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Libra Group Recognized at the 2019 National Mentorship Summit in Washington D.C

Washington D.C, February 7, 2019 – The Libra Group was recognized for a second consecutive year  on the 2019 National Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll due to the company’s dedication in supporting youth through mentorships. By joining the Honor Roll, Libra had the opportunity to participate in the ninth annual National Mentoring Summit from January 30 – February 1, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The National Mentoring Summit is the only national convening of youth mentoring professionals, researchers, MENTOR Affiliates, philanthropic investors, and government and civic leaders aimed at collectively strengthening and expanding quality mentoring relationships for young people across the country.

This year, Libra Group’s People Operations Manager, Jenna Erickson, was named a finalist for the Excellence in Mentoring Award in the Corporate Leadership category, which recognizes corporate employees who both volunteer their time as a youth mentor and mobilize others to engage in the mentoring movement. Jenna was featured at a special Library of Congress reception. Formerly a school teacher, Jenna dedicates herself to her mentees and to all Libra youth initiatives whole-heartedly. Her nurturing and encouraging approach comes naturally and allows her to serve as a great influence on the students in the Libra Internship and Mentorship Programs. She often serves as a guest speaker, offering career advice, sharing her own personal story, and providing insights into the field of Human Resources. Reflecting on the awards reception, Jenna commented that it was moving to hear from other speakers about their involvement and dedication to mentoring.

Separately, VP of Libra Group Social Responsibility, Regina Sheridan, represented Libra on two panels during the summit. The first was a conversation exploring how mentoring can support immigrant youth and the importance of celebrating the social assets of multiculturalism and multilingualism. The second panel was a focused discussion on increasing employee participation in the mentorship space, highlighting how the corporate engagement in mentoring is expanding.

“In addition to creating a stronger workforce, mentorship can unlock both social and economic opportunities for young people.” – Regina Sheridan, VP, Social Responsibility, Libra Group

Two Libra Group interns also attended the summit as an opportunity to observe, learn, and give their mentee perspective during a breakout session. Angeliki, a Winter 2019 Libra Intern, remarked that it was interesting to hear how many companies integrate their employees into their mentorship process and how they measure impact.

“Mentorship is a learning experience for both mentors and mentees. They both recognize their abilities and limitations.” Nik, Winter 2019 Libra Intern

The Libra Mentorship Program is a support structure for selected young people – principally first-generation college students, and individuals who face socio-economic challenges (significantly, opportunity and achievement gaps, and the high incidence of inequality among young people of color).

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