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Envolve Greece Celebrates 10th Anniversary with the 9th Annual Envolve Awards

June 8, 2022 –  After two long years away, Envolve Greece was ecstatic to welcome back entrepreneurs from all over the world to the Envolve Greece Annual Awards ceremony. Attendees came both virtually and physically, but even with fewer people in person, the spirit of Envolve was felt and celebrated at the ceremony. Libra Group CEO George Logothetis made the trip all the way from New York City just to speak to the room of entrepreneurs and Libra Group employees.

To celebrate Envolve Greece’s 10th anniversary, we would like to take a minute to reflect on the accomplishments and innovations that have been made in the past 10 years. Since its founding, Envolve Greece has invested over 6 million euros in entrepreneurs, but that is just the start. Envolve’s work has not only provided entrepreneurs with base funding, but attracted over 260 million euros of external investments to businesses that they have helped launch. Envolve truly opens the doors for Greek entrepreneurs and gives them both the capital resources and the connections that they need to help their business grow.

In addition to their initial grants and funding, the Envolve Awards alone have granted capital prizes to 34 different winners spanning across 19 business sectors. But not only has Envolve Greece impacted the Greek economy. Five years ago the company expanded and established itself in the USA. Although the two groups, Envolve Greece and Envolve USA, are now separate entities, they are born on the same principle: providing underprivileged and under-resourced communities with access to entrepreneurial opportunity.

Congratulations to this years’ award winners:

  • Bespot (Leon Gavalas, Anastasia Griva, Konstantinos Dimitros, & Vasilis Stavrou)- Utilizing artificial intelligence and IoT technology, this application offers high accuracy mobility tracking activity for over 4,000 indoor and outdoor retail venues. It offers personalized content and captures trends to improve the customer experience.
  • eVplus (Giorgos Voulgaroudis & Stergios Saritsamlis)- This application uses artificial intelligence to help electrical vehicle drivers find optimal charging stations and routes.
  • Infin8 (Dimitris Petrilis, Sampatis Orfanakos, & Akis Kloutsiniotis)- Infin8 is an application that supports the financial management of individuals and businesses. It offers access to all bank accounts and cards of users, automated transaction categorization for better management of income and expenses, as well as the ability to transfer money from any user account easily and safely.
  • Morphoses (Anna Natsvlishvili, Vassiliki-Ilia Tzortzopoulou, & Alexandros Pithamitsis)- Morphoses is an activity-based e-learning platform designed to cultivate children’s (K12) soft skills and enhance their social-emotional learning, whilst also developing the necessary means for their future with live virtual classes.
  • OptIn PC (Ioannis Papadopoulos, Dimitrios Terpas)- OptIn is a platform that automizes the planning of Employee Share Options Schemes (ESO), from the design of a bespoke ESO, to the cap-table management, to the education of employees around ESO.
  • Shiplemon (George Zahartzis, George Avgenakis, & Stratos Giouldasis)- Shiplemon is a platform that connects every delivery service company (couriers) with e-shops in a single system, and offers a shipping management application, for the best and most reliable service to their customers.
  • Grandmama (Vicky Klimi, Maria Miliou, Giorgos Livas, & Vassia Kontou)- Grandmama is an online platform that connects seniors and their relatives with trusted caregivers for home healthcare all over Greece.
  • Kineo (Adam Markakis, Giorgos Siorfanes, Ioanna Vlassopoulou, Natalia Kristali, Andreas Dimitri, Mary Markaki, Katerina Krypotou, Katerina Liza, & José Tomás Mendez)- Kineo offers flexible ownership micro mobility services. With a fixed monthly fee, riders can select the e-bike or e-scooter of their choice according to their daily needs, as well as technical support, insurance, road assistance, and parking.

To learn more about Envolve Greece, visit their website here.

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