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Entrepreneurship Supports Resilient Communities

November 25, 2020 – We all know the saying, necessity is the mother of invention – at Envolve we know this to be true because we see it embodied everyday in our community of business founders. The entrepreneurs we work with are not only looking for the next big idea; they’re inspired by the communities they are a part of to solve the challenges they see.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the ones who respond directly to the needs of their community, whether that’s finding local solutions to combat the effects of climate change or providing healthy food options. At the core of entrepreneurship is creative problem solving. Every day we see Award founders creating pathways to their dreams and positive change in their communities.

Why We Do What We Do

Envolve believes that through diversification of opportunities and greater access to resources for entrepreneurs, we can eradicate barriers in underserved communities, revitalize them, and bring people together to induce change. Under the pillars of education, awards, and business resources, we advocate for under-resourced communities and equip them with stepping stones towards entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurs and small business owners within our network are deeply ingrained in their community fabrics. Our connection to them is a connection to community, and our programming reflects those holistic needs within our impact regions.

Now more than ever we have a collective responsibility to support communities in building a more equitable society. Reports continue to show that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate effect on minority owned businesses. Between February and April alone we saw a 41% decrease in Black-owned businesses and a 32% drop in Latinx business owners.

Envolve has done its part to try and equip entrepreneurs with the resources they need to combat challenges posed by the pandemic, but our entrepreneurs still need help and support as the pandemic rages on. In 2020 we provided a database of resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and hosted webinars on federal and private relief funding opportunities, in addition to connecting policymakers with the results of our COVID Small Business survey, among other things. In 2021 we look forward to building on our engagement with the Hill and continuing to put entrepreneurs and small business owners at the table together so they can discuss the issues and challenges traditionally underrepresented founders face. We also look forward to implementing new community based – entrepreneur led programming in our impact regions to support the strength of these entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Organizations such as ours are here to do our part and we support diverse entrepreneurs in their efforts to live their dream or very simply address a gap in the entrepreneurship landscape. Why?  Because representation matters. 

When we all work together, we all win. This giving season, we ask that you give back to those that serve your community and work with us to support the under-served, yet equally worthy, entrepreneurs in our communities.

How You Can Help

  • #GetEnvolved with us:
    • Support Envolve’s programming by considering a donation today.
    • Do you have a service or product to offer entrepreneurs and small business owners? Contact us about donating in-kind products and services.
    • Check out our community of entrepreneurs and learn how you can support their efforts
  • Shop small and local – support the businesses in your community that are struggling due to Covid-19
  • Let your local and federal representatives know that small business issues are important to you. For an easy way to learn about how your representatives vote and to contact them about it, sign up for IssueVoter.
  • Support funds like REUNION that give capital directly to Black, Latinx, and Indigenous founders.


“The award from Envolve provided much needed capital to launch my business. I see the monetary component, however, as only part of the award. The support of Envolve’s team and their tireless work to support and connect us is truly priceless. I am supremely grateful to be part of  the Envolve community.”

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