Libra Group Social Responsibility

Lunch and Learn Event with Students from Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

January 5th 2017. Carla Brillembourg-Clark, Deputy Head of Libra Group Social Responsibility, Xavier Stewart, Program Director of The American Entrepreneurship Award and Shayla Alexander, Program Coordinator of Social Responsibility with the support of Marina Aslanidou, Director of Sales, New England, Grace Hotels – hosted a lunch and learn event for undergraduate students from Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) at our New York City office.  The event was attended by twenty-five students, representing more than a dozen U.S. universities.  The organizers shared details of their academic and professional experiences.  The group also engaged in a Q&A session during which scholars sought career advice and asked questions related to their personal experiences and desired areas for professional growth. The students wanted to know, among other things, how the team members balance their passions as well as supporting their families financially, what advice they would give to their younger selves, how do they define success and how do they see the Libra group in the next 5 years.

The event was concluded with the presentation of all social responsibility initiatives specifically highlighting the Libra Group Internship Program and how to apply. Although they only had one more day to apply to the summer program, many students in the room were inspired and said they would apply that night. It was an inspirational afternoon for both the students and the panel.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) provides superior educational and career programs to young people from underserved and underrepresented communities to maximize their opportunities for college and career success. Particularly the students that assisted to the session were part of the Scholars Program. This program consists on a free eight-year program- with a 90% college graduation rate. The Scholars Program provides a rigorous academic preparation throughout high school, as well as four years of intensive guidance to Scholars throughout college, ensuring that they graduate on time and are prepared for productive careers or graduate-level education.

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