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Libra Internship Program Alumni Organize Information Session in Haiti

Libra Internship Program supporters assist the social responsibility team in reaching a global audience, by sharing details of the program with their networks. Program alumni have become star ambassadors by returning to their communities and relaying their internship experiences with family, friends and university peers. Since completing the internship program, Elice Oreste and Samuel-Leon Boursiquot are exemplary ambassadors who have returned to Haiti and maintained a commitment to sharing the program and uplifting Haitian youth.

Inspired by their internship experiences and charged to make a difference in their communities, Elice and Samuel joined Libra Internship Program supporter, the Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP), to host an information session about the summer 2017 and winter 2018 internship programs. The session, which was attended by students from universities in Port Au Prince, introduced the program, reviewed eligibility requirements and advised on best practices for completing the application. Both Elice and Samuel hope that encouraging students to pursue these opportunities will improve the economic situation in Haiti by exemplifying the power of returning to the community with this knowledge to make a difference.

In 2012, Elice completed an engineering internship at Libra Group subsidiary, Convergen Energy in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He achieved much success during his internship by creating a solution for an engineering issue the plant was experiencing. This solution was implemented and continues to be used today. After completing his internship, he returned to Haiti to work as a beverage company engineer and was recently promoted to manager. In the spring of 2016, Samuel successfully completed his IT internship with Libra Group in New York. He has since resumed his role as an IT instructor with increased responsibilities for HELP students and regularly hosts professional development workshops for his peers.

The Haitian Education & Leadership Program creates, through merit- and need-based university scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who will promote a more just society in Haiti. With 84% of university-educated Haitians living abroad, Haiti has the highest rate of “brain drain” in the world, compounded by Haiti’s 1% university enrollment rate, the lowest in the world. HELP addresses these issues by supporting high-performing, economically disadvantaged Haitian students pursuing university degrees in a variety of fields. Having grown from a single student in 1997 to a student body of 150 for the 2013-2014 academic year, HELP is the largest university scholarship program in Haiti.

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