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Concordia Europe – AmChamSpain Summit Report

Why is populism gaining traction across Europe and what can be done to confront an increasingly polarized landscape? 

What are the implications of the unfolding catastrophe in Venezuela and why must the international community be involved in finding solutions? 

How can public-private partnerships address the mounting refugee & migration crisis and why do they play an unparalleled role in facilitating integration?


These are just three of the issues that came under focus at the recent Concordia Europe – AmChamSpain Summit in Madrid and that will be further developed upon at the upcoming 2019 Concordia Annual Summit in New York City.

Concordia has announced the release of the official Concordia Europe – AmChamSpain Summit Report. Available in both English and Spanish, the report summarizes the main themes explored throughout the convening, including key quotes and actionable next steps.

To read the Concordia Europe – AmChamSpain Summit Report, click here

Want to be part of these conversations?  The 2019 Concordia Annual Summit will provide an international, nonpartisan platform through which to engage individuals on these topics and many more. REGISTER HERE to join Concordia and place yourself at the forefront of critical conversations with leading minds.

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