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2020 Concordia Americas Innovative Financing Partnership Accelerator Report

September 1, 2020 – In July 2020, Concordia hosted a special, invitation-only working session that convened leaders from the private, public, academic, and civil society sectors working across Latin America under its ‘Partnership Accelerator’ format. The session, which highlighted innovation and impact in the Latin American financing space, had an objective of sharing insight regarding tangible, action-ready interventions underway and engaging as a group around solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the region. This session extended conversation pieces held throughout 2019 as part of Concordia’s CIFC work and identified the most mature discussion topics from within its network for this accelerator.

The session centered around separate themes shaping investment in Latin America, with each theme independently and concurrently discussed in a small group setting. Read full report here.

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